Commercial Kitchen and Hood Cleaning Ballarat

Commercial Kitchen and Hood Cleaning

Most commercial kitchen owners understand the need to keep kitchen hoods clean and clear of debris. Filthy kitchen hoods can quickly lead to fire, which in turn can lead to costly and possibly devastating consequences for your business. Regular and effective maintenance is imperative, as local councils or health authorities regularly inspect hoods for potential health hazards, and failing to keep your hoods clean can result in the invalidation of your business or buildings insurance.

Steamatic Ballarat is a member of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA) and unlike other contractors, we not only meticulously clean visible filters and blades, but also any accessible risers and horizontal ducting, as the latter is where the majority of contaminant accumulation occurs. All work comes with a certificate of compliance, in addition to a full report, before and after photographs and a detailed system diagram for future reference.